Pink Feathers

Foundation Stage - Discovering

Special people - Which people are special and why?
  • Who were the friends of Jesus?

  • Exploring Jesus at Christmas

  • Exploring Jesus at Easter

  • What makes Jesus special to Christians?

  • Old Testament Characters (eg Noah, Moses, Joseph)

  • New Testament Characters (eg Paul, the Disciples)

Wood Texture

Key Stage 1 - Exploring

Believing  (Derby LEA 1.1 & 1.2)
  • Who is a Christian what do they believe?

  • Why is the Bible so important for Christians?

  • What do Christians believe about Easter?

  • What does the Bible tell us about Creation?


Key Stage 2 - Connecting

Beliefs & Questions  (Derby LEA 2.1  2.2  2.3)
  • What do Christians believe about God?

  • What is the Bible and why is it important to Christians?

  • What does Christianity says to us when life gets hard?

  • Why is Easter so important for Christians?

  • Exploring the concept of Christian prayer

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